Feb 9 • 59M

Episode 83: Startup Scrappiness, Venture Matchmaking, and Thinking In Bets with Leigh-Marie Braswell

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Datacast follows the narrative journey of data practitioners and researchers to unpack the career lessons they learned along the way. James Le hosts the show.
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  • (01:43) Leigh-Marie shared her formative experiences of her childhood — growing up in Alabama, solving math problems competitively, and going to Phillips Exeter Academy.

  • (04:21) Leigh-Marie discussed her undergraduate experience at MIT studying Math with Computer Science.

  • (06:41) Leigh-Marie went through her internship experience at Jane Street and Blend.

  • (10:07) Leigh-Marie recalled lessons learned from interning at Google — as an ML engineer for the Research and Machine Intelligence Team and an Associate Product Manager for the Chrome Web Platform team.

  • (13:39) Leigh-Marie talked about her decision to join the early founding team of Scale API (now known as Scale AI) after finishing MIT.

  • (17:30) Leigh-Marie explained why labeled data is the key bottleneck to the growth of the ML industry.

  • (20:02) Leigh-Marie discussed the engineering and product challenges of dealing with 3D sensor data.

  • (22:33) Leigh-Marie unpacked her experience building Scale’s Sensor Fusion Annotation product from scratch, from gathering customer interests to building the initial MVP.

  • (26:45) Leigh-Marie talked about learning curves during Scale’s scaling phase, as the product had more advanced features and the customer list grew.

  • (32:21) Leigh-Marie dived into Scale’s credo emphasizing a relentless speed of execution.

  • (35:00) Leigh-Marie shared valuable hiring lessons at Scale’s early days (Read Alex’s blog post about Scale’s hiring philosophy).

  • (38:05) Leigh-Marie went over the importance of developing uncompressed understandings of how everything works together as Scale grows.

  • (41:39) Leigh-Marie shared her advice for folks who want to get into angel investing.

  • (44:02) Leigh-Marie shared her motivation behind joining Founders Fund (Read Founders Fund’s investment manifesto).

  • (46:56) Leigh-Marie went over how she has been proving value upfront and forming investment theses as a new investor.

  • (49:10) Leigh-Marie shared advice she has been giving to companies regarding their product-market fit and go-to-market fit strategies.

  • (50:38) Leigh-Marie reflected on her transitions from software engineering to product management to venture capital.

  • (52:31) Leigh-Marie shared the lesson learned from playing poker that benefits her careers in startup and venture.

  • (54:19) Closing segment.

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