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Episode 84: Business Development and Customer Success for Emerging Technologies with Taimur Rashid

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Datacast follows the narrative journey of data practitioners and researchers to unpack the career lessons they learned along the way. James Le hosts the show.
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  • (02:27) Taimur reflected on his education studying Computer Science at UT Austin in the early 2000s.

  • (06:26) Taimur recalled his first job working as a quality assurance engineer at Vignette.

  • (08:47) Taimur went through his time with Oracle / Siebel, where he transitioned from a purely technical engineering-focused role to more customer-facing functions.

  • (13:44) Taimur reflected on his proudest accomplishments at Oracle.

  • (18:23) Taimur recalled dropping out of studying at the Stanford Center of Professional Development and moving to Seattle to work for Amazon Web Services.

  • (20:35) Taimur provided insights on attributes of exceptional sales talent, given his time as an enterprise sales manager in his first two years at AWS.

  • (23:55) Taimur shared anecdotes of successful product launches and their market expansion strategies while leading business development for AWS's database and compute services.

  • (28:33) Taimur discussed instituting the culture of customer obsession and operational excellence into his teams - while leading the incubation, market development, and technical go-to-market strategy and execution for the AWS Platform across infrastructure, data, developer services, and emerging technologies.

  • (33:14) Taimur talked about his decision to join Microsoft to lead the Worldwide Customer Success function for their Azure Data Platform, Analytics, and AI business.

  • (36:24) Taimur unpacked his talk called “Enabling Customer Success through Evolutionary Architectures.”

  • (43:07) Taimur compared the BizOps culture between Azure and AWS.

  • (46:29) Taimur discussed his decision to onboard Redis as their Chief Business Development Officer.

  • (50:07) Taimur went over the data challenges with operational ML, the emerging data architecture of feature stores, and the powerful capabilities of Redis as a solution.

  • (55:58) Taimur unpacked key ideas in his talk "First Principles in Building A Real-Time AI Platform."

  • (01:01:52) Taimur hinted at Redis' product vision of "caching for ML data."

  • (01:05:21) Taimur gave advice for a smart, driven operator who wants to explore angel investing.

  • (01:10:17) Taimur described the evolution of tech leadership, strategic business development, and customer success strategies in the past two decades.

  • (01:15:29) Taimur shared three books that have greatly influenced his life.

  • (01:16:48) Closing segment.

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