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Episode 87: Product Experimentation, ML Platforms, and Metrics Store with Nick Handel

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Datacast follows the narrative journey of data practitioners and researchers to unpack the career lessons they learned along the way. James Le hosts the show.
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  • (01:51) Nick shared his formative experiences of her childhood — moving between different schools, becoming interested in Math, and graduating from UCLA at the age of 19.

  • (05:45) Nick recalled working as a quant analyst focused on emerging market debt at BlackRock.

  • (09:57) Nick went over his decision to join Airbnb as a data scientist on their growth team in 2014.

  • (12:17) Nick discussed how data science could be used to drive community growth on the Airbnb platform.

  • (16:35) Nick led the data architecture design and experimentation platform for Airbnb Trips, one of Airbnb’s biggest product launches in 2016.

  • (20:40) Nick provided insights on attributes of exceptional data science talent, given his time interviewing hundreds of candidates to build a data science team from 20 to 85+.

  • (23:50) Nick went over his process of leveling up his product management skillset — leading Airbnb’s Machine Learning teams and growing the data organization significantly.

  • (26:56) Nick emphasized the importance of flexibility in his work routine.

  • (29:27) Nick unpacked the technical and organizational challenges of designing and fostering the adoption of Bighead, Airbnb’s internal framework-agnostic, end-to-end platform for machine learning.

  • (34:54) Nick recalled his decision to leave Airbnb and become the Head of Data at Branch, which delivers world-class financial services to the mobile generation.

  • (37:24) Nick unpacked key takeaways from his Bay Area AI meetup in 2019 called “ML Infrastructure at an Early Stage Startup” related to his work at Branch.

  • (40:55) Nick discussed his decision to pursue a startup idea in the analytics space rather than the ML space.

  • (43:36) Nick shared the founding story of Transform, whose mission is to make data accessible by way of a metrics store.

  • (49:54) Nick walked through the four key capabilities of a metrics store: semantics, performance, governance, and interfaces + introduced Metrics Framework (Transform’s capability to create company-wide alignment around key metrics that scale with an organization through a unified framework).

  • (55:58) Nick unpacked Metrics Catalog — Transform’s capability to eliminate repetitive tasks by giving everyone a single place to collaborate, annotate data charts, and view personalized data feeds.

  • (59:57) Nick dissected Metrics API — Transform’s capability to generate a set of APIs to integrate metrics into any other enterprise tools for enriched data, dimensional modeling, and increased flexibility.

  • (01:02:41) Nick explained how metrics store fit into a modern data analytics stack

  • (01:05:57) Nick shared valuable hiring lessons finding talents who fit with Transform’s cultural values.

  • (01:12:27) Nick shared the hurdles his team has to go through while finding early design partners for Transform.

  • (01:15:38) Nick shared upcoming go-to-market initiatives that he’s most excited about for Transform.

  • (01:17:46) Nick shared fundraising advice for founders currently seeking the right investors for their startups.

  • (01:20:45) Closing segment.

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My conversation with Nick was recorded back in July 2021. Since then, many things have happened at Transform. I’d recommend:

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