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Episode 88: Sales Engineering and Future of Work with Evan Cummack

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Datacast follows the narrative journey of data practitioners and researchers to unpack the career lessons they learned along the way. James Le hosts the show.
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  • (02:00) Evan shared his upbringing, born and raised in a small coastal town on New Zealand’s North Island and later studied Software Engineering and Business.

  • (03:55) Evan recalled working as a software solution architect at NEC Corporation back in New Zealand.

  • (06:17) Evan talked about his decision to join Twilio in 2011 as one of the company’s early employees right after its Series B financing.

  • (08:40) Evan shared his perspectives on joining startups and big companies as a new grad.

  • (13:01) Evan provided insights on attributes of exceptional sales engineers, given his time building the first iteration of Twilio’s global pre-sales team.

  • (17:30) Evan unpacked the evolution of his career at Twilio — working as a product manager, a director of product & engineering, and a general manager of IoT & wireless.

  • (22:51) Evan dissected Twilio’s unique “middle-out” sales strategy, which has hugely impacted the company’s incredible growth from Series B through to IPO and beyond.

  • (29:03) Evan went over the untapped opportunity being enabled by new cellular IoT technologies.

  • (33:25) Evan explained his decision to embark on a new journey as the CEO of Fin.com after a decade at Twilio.

  • (37:26) Evan talked about the need for workflow automation and how Fin’s product features are built to address that.

  • (40:35) Evan went over Fin’s remote performance optimization capabilities that help teams thrive in a remote-first environment.

  • (42:56) Evan shared valuable hiring lessons to attract the right leaders who are excited about Fin’s mission.

  • (45:38) Evan shared the hurdles his team has to go through while finding early customers for Fin (as it pivoted to building a SaaS product).

  • (48:02) Evan talked about the qualities of Jeff Lawson that made him such a great CEO.

  • (50:41) Closing segment.

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